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Kent Schrader
Loan Originator
Direct: (540) 300-7052
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A message from Kent:

Welcome to my page! 

Most of us have heard the real estate market characterized from time to time as either a buyer’s or seller’s market.  Well did you know that when it comes to financing, we can be in either a lender’s or borrower’s market?  Unless one is paying cash, the financing can be just as important as the price of a home which means that knowing at least the basics about home mortgages could help one save a LOT of money!

So, are we in a lender’s or a borrower’s market right now (Spring 2018)?  And what does that mean for you?  The answers may surprise you.  Just drop me a quick email to get my take!

Some of the questions I hear from potential homebuyers are:  How good does my credit have to be?   Do I need a real estate agent?  What determines the interest rate on a loan?  Can I get into a house with no money down?  Who pays the closing costs?  How can I be sure I’m getting the best rate?

For potential refinances, the top questions include:  Would it be worth it for me to refinance?  How much could I save per month?  Can I get rid of mortgage insurance by refinancing?  How much would I have to pay in closing costs?  What are the options if I don't want to pay any closing costs?  Should I pay points to get a lower rate? 

Maybe you’re looking at this because you're buying a home or thinking about buying.  Maybe you’re considering a refinance or maybe you're just curious about loans...  Whether or not you’re in the market for a mortgage, please feel free to email or call me anytime (daytime, evenings, weekends = ok).  Or text me at 540-760-8242.  I’m always happy to answer questions, share the Assurance story, or tell you why this successful, established company chose Fredericksburg for its very first location in Virginia!


Kent Schrader, Loan Originator
Assurance Financial
5450 Southpoint Plaza Way, Fredericksburg, VA  22407
Direct:  (540) 300-7052
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